Global Eagle EB5 Pensacola
Investment Offering

The Project will be located on a 2.5-acre parcel of land at 168 Hedge Road, Pensacola, Florida, 32503. The site was established by the purchase of five smaller, contiguous parcels that collectively comprise the Project site. As of the date of this business plan, the JCE does not own the Property. Rather, the JCE intends to use a portion of the Loan proceeds to purchase the Property from the current owners of the Property, which includes certain Sponsors that have a direct or indirect ownership interest in the Property. Thereafter, the JCE intends to contribute the Property as Developer Equity to the Project. The land is located behind Raceway Gas Station on Airport Boulevard, which is accessible from I-110 East. The Average Annualized Daily Traffic (AADT) passing the Project site on Airport Boulevard is 28,500 vehicles, while the AADT for the nearby highway I-110 is 68,451 vehicles.

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Sleep Inn Hotel Project

This project encompasses the development of an 82 room hotel branded by the Choice Hotel Group as the newest model of the "Sleep Inn" Hotel. It is their newest design of the mid-range price scale. The hotel sill be four stories tall, and will have a total floor size of 40,084 sq.ft.

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Airport Heights Plaza

Also included in this project will be an 8,000 sq.ft. retail/ office center. There will be two units designed for a cafe and restaurant or sandwich shoppe. One of the cafe units will be 2,500 sq.ft. The other restaurant unit will be 1,100 sq.ft. There will be 4 other units of 1,100 sq.ft. each used for either retail or office.